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Song; Ben Threw - Of Mice & Men
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Reblog this if you think what the Directioners said about Alex Gaskarth and Mitch Lucker was fucked up. I’m writing all the URL’s in a book to prove to a Directioner at my school that people DO care about Alex and Mitch.

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To anyone reading this, please like and reblog so that we can show Britt (brittlovescocacola) that we love and care about her.. I don’t want her to kill herself.. Please get this as many notes as possible..

ily Britt ;-;

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Guys, signal boost this and FAST. In only a couple of days, the governor of California will be asked to sign a law officially legalizing "anti-gay therapy" which teaches young homosexuals to hate themselves. Sign this and get this to his desk before anti-gay extremists get theirs to him first. Still need over 20,000 signatures, but if anyone can get that many fast, it's Tumblr. Pleeease spread this!

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This is the offical ‘i care’ symbol
This is how it works:Basically you reblog this and your followers know that you care and that they can message you about anything anon or not and you will reply back or at least look at their message. if you care about your followers please reblog.
Photo and edit by LhofPhotography
Photo and edit by LhofPhotography
Photo and edit by LhofPhotography